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Jet-Ski Assisted Kitesurfing Lessons

Today Nomad Kitesurf School located in La Ventana, Baja California South, Mexico, has acquired a beautiful beast called Spark, from one of the hottest jet-ski brands of the market. We are adding this beauty to aid our students so they don't have to walk upwind, waisting their time and money. The aim is to maximise your time in the water. In addition we offer BbTalking Wireless Bluetooth Communication System to make easy when sharing feedback and giving instructions in case they are needed. Our Bluetooth Radio Helmets are revolutionary devices to allow your kitesurfing instructor to give you instructions as you ride. Using both bluetooth devices and jet-ski have proven to be the key factor in

What to Eat Before Training

Kitesurfing demands high level of fitness, health and endurance. So in order to progress you will need to be constant with your training and follow a good diet to achieve and keep your stamina levels if you want to last long on the water. As it is important to eat the right food before you hit the water it is is vital to have a healthy post kitesurfing meal to aid muscle repair and general recovery. Before to hit the water you should definitely eat something of a reasonable substance to guarantee you have enough energy and stable blood sugar levels. It's not a good idea to eat directly before you head out onto the water as you need to digest properly the meal. Carbohydrates are best for long

Keahi de Aboitiz

Keahi De Aboitiz, a new generation wave rider born 1992 in Australia and growing up in the iconic surf town of Noosa. He soon began focusing most of his energy on wave riding, competing in wave comps and chasing swells around the world. Considered as one of the best wave kitesurfers in the planet he spends most of his time between Hawai, Mauritius, and Indonesia as they are his favourite destinations. The waterman reflects on his past and prepares for an intense future - surrounded by waves and winds, occasionally unhooked, and deep in the pit, like you can see him riding at One Eye.


We are a smart and avant garde water sports center, located at Casa Tara Hotel. We offer to teach you basics and advance technics to make you an independent rider. Come to enjoy kiteboarding at La Ventana, Baja California Sur as it is one of the most beautiful kite spots as well as one of the safest. Early in October 2016 we gave birth to our startup project called NOMAD KITESURF in La Ventana, so today we are 1 year old!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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