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What to Eat Before Training

Kitesurfing demands high level of fitness, health and endurance. So in order to progress you will need to be constant with your training and follow a good diet to achieve and keep your stamina levels if you want to last long on the water. As it is important to eat the right food before you hit the water it is is vital to have a healthy post kitesurfing meal to aid muscle repair and general recovery.

Before to hit the water you should definitely eat something of a reasonable substance to guarantee you have enough energy and stable blood sugar levels. It's not a good idea to eat directly before you head out onto the water as you need to digest properly the meal. Carbohydrates are best for long lasting energy levels. You should choose foods such as cereals, fruits, whole grain bread, rice or pasta and vegetables. And a good example would be a wholegrain bread sandwich with veggies accompanied with a fruit or vegetable smoothie. So the body would take a long time to break them down and this will keep your blood sugar on stable levels for longer. Avoid sugar and caffeine that will give you a quick outburst of energy that burns out really fast.

To make the most of your day at the beach make sure to regulate energy as needed.

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