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The Beach Does Good to Your Body and Soul

Great news for beach lovers!! Science says surf and sand do real good to your body and mind. And what does exactly to your brain? Well, research points that living close to the beach may improve your health, helping you get rid of insomnia, stress and all the toxic stuff you get when living in a big city.

While walking on the sand bear foot and looking to the sea, you can change your brain waves and pout yourself into a mild and relaxing meditative state. That feeling of your feet touching the sand causes you to relax.

Research also proves that the color blue is associated to peace and calm feelings. And the flow of water sound contributes to de-stimulate your brain. Your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing us down and helping us relax, is activated by the soothing scent of the sea breeze and the marriage of sound and colorful scenery you might contemplate.

So when you show up to that favorite beach of yours make sure to breath deeply, smell the sea water and feel those sand grains under your feet and between your toes!!

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