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Casa Tara Retreat, Home of Nomad Kitesurf

Casa Tara

Born with the profound desire to provide a caring, stress-free environment for all their guests… Like a safe haven created for people who just want to relax and refill their bodies with positive energy. It is located at El Teso, a little neighbourhood of El Sargento, right after you leave La Ventana while heading north.

A little history

The word 'Tara', also know as 'Tarini' is perceived as the "mother of all buddhas", “the one who enables living beings to cross the oceans of existence and suffering”. In many contemporary Indian languages, the word 'tara' also means star. A perpetually self-combusting thing, energising all of life.

Buddhists believe that She is the one who created 1st Seed from which the entire universe took birth in the form of Lord Narayana.

It is her compassion for living beings and her desire to save them from suffering, that makes her protective of them like a mother is of her children.

Enjoy the food

During a retreat at Casa Tara you can enjoy a daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in their packages and served at their gorgeous restaurant called La Moringa.

Unlike other local restaurants, La Moringa offers a rich healthy versions of Asian inspired dishes, using fresh and local ingredients.

If you are looking to avoid the usual hotel dining experience, don't think twice and enjoy the organic based meals and a prime beachfront location that makes La Moringa stands out from the rest.

Things to do

You are finally there at Casa Tara, and of course if you come to this retreat hotel the first thing you would like to request is a visit to their magnificent Spa and Wellness area. There you will be literally brought back to life by the ancient oriental healing techniques, and a wide range of spa treatments. From aromatherapy massages to their subtle skin-care rituals, you will find the perfect body balancing package.

During your stay at this beautiful hotel, try your favourite cocktail at one of the sun beds located at the infinity pool where you can also witness one of the many amazing sunsets of this iconic little fisherman village.

If you want to become a kitesurfer or kiteboarder then you would be happy to know they have partnered with NOMAD KITESURF to offer a variety of package deals for beginners, intermediate or advance. With assisted jet-ski lesson and wireless bluetooth helmet devices you would maximise the time in the water avoiding long walks upwind, making the most out of your time. And if you are already experienced kiteboarding or kitesurfing and did not bring your equipment, do not hesitate to ask for rental gear. NOMAD KITESURF follow IKO standards and use only Cabrinha brand new gear.

This kiteboarding school has well trained and experienced bilingual instructors, IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified.

Definitely the best option for kiteboarding or kitesurfing in La Ventana / El Sargento, is NOMAD KITESURF located at the front of Casa Tara. Ask for Armando Osuna or José Hita, who can gladly help you making the most out of your holidays.

And if you are looking to do something different, requests a brochure to choose from a variety of many outdoor activities like: Diving and Scuba Diving, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking, Mountain Bike and Hiking and Swim with the Whale Sharks, among other things.

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