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Nomad Kitesurf School is the leading kitesurfing company in Baja California Sur.

Created to design & deliver the best kiteboarding coaching there is.

The first and only local founded school from La Ventana/El Sargento, started by José Hita and Jessika Macotela, profesional kiters and partners. After years of kiting so many beautiful places across the world , they opened their kite school to the public. Their passion for fun, adventure and sailing only grows year after year.

Following IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) standards and using the latest and brand new NP and Cabrinha gear we offer a variety of deals to safely turn you in to an independent kiteboarder.


Our Kitesurfing School is located in La Ventana, on the eastern side of Baja California South over the shores of Mar de Cortez. Considered one of the world's top kiteboarding destinations, La Ventana is In fact rated #1 kite destination by Discovery Channel.

This place offers perfect conditions to learn kiteboarding, with consistent north winds that blow almost every day during the winter / spring season.

If you are serious to lear kiteboarding we will help you to reach your goals!


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