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Beginner Level 1

2 / 3 hours

To begin learning kiteboarding we will teach you on land based lessons that will cover how to understand the location and its wind conditions. Following IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) programs you will learn how to rig a kite, kiteboarding safety, line management, flying a trainer kite and flying full size kite techniques,

and will become familiar with the different pieces of kiteboarding equipment, mastering the control to become an independent kitesurfer. 

Beginner Level 2

2 / 3 hours

On your 2nd day learning kiteboarding and with a radio assisted system, our kitesurfing instructors will take you up to a nice kite spot, and give you instructions from a BbTalking waterproof helmet device. During the course, you will improve kite piloting with power, one handed kite piloting, body dragging, body dragging holding the board, getting used flying the kite and controlling the board at the same time to reach the right level to water-start.  


2 / 3 hours per day

After you have improved your kitesurfing skills, entering and exiting the water independently controlling the kite, you will learn how to maintain a correct kite position in the wind window, while riding either left or right. At this point you will learn how to do basic turns and ride toe side.

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Jet Ski assisted

2 / 3 hours

This type of lessons are taught using radio helmets enhanced with a BbTalking Wireless Bluetooth Communication system and one of our brand new jet-ski to avoid the need to walk back upwind, maximising your time on the kite. The jet-ski enables your kiteboarding instructor to be at your side riding along with you at all times. And this is the safest system when teaching children. Our Bluetooth Radio Helmets are revolutionary devices to allow your kitesurfing instructor to give you instruction as you ride.


2 / 3 hours

This activity is aimed for intermediate to advance kiters who want to spend most of their time in the water admiring the paradisiac beaches of this beautiful little towns of Baja California Sur. We normally start from either the hot-springs beach or Rasta beach, taking you through la Palma beach and finally arriving at Playa Central beach or Baja Joe's, to enjoy a refreshing mojito or beer. 

It takes normally between 1.5 hours to 3 hours, depending on your level and willingness to arrive faster.

2 Days Camp

3 / 4 hours per day

Our 2 Day camp will begin to work seriously on the skills needed to make you an independent rider, finishing with a personalised gear recommendation. Following IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) programs, we make this camp ideal to become a safe and self sufficient kiteboarder. To get a quote please get in touch!


la Ventana is recommended especially for beginners. It's a safe kite spot where the wind is blowing almost everyday from mid-November to March. 

It's also an awesome diving place where you can swim with whale sharks.

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